So, this is what it's come to.   In Oshkosh Wisconsin a new business is opening up.   Believe it or not it is called a Rage Room, where people can come and PAY to break and throw things all around and work out their frustrations.  (I thought that was what bars were for),

Anger Rooms seem to popping up all over with places in Chicago, St.Paul and Toronto, to name a few.

The owner said he got the idea after a friend sent him a video of someone smashing things in an anger room, and he thought, Hey why not here.

The items that are being thrown and broken in the Rage  Room was destined to be thrown out anyway, they get free items leftover from thrift shops.

For those folks who find Yoga or Meditation not to their liking then then maybe the Rage Room is for you.

Yes, this is apparently

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