Growing up I remember my parents going to the drive in theatre with us 3 kids in the back of the station wagon.   Back in the day it was cheaper than getting a baby sitter.

I remember we would go to the theatre in our p.j's and usually would be asleep before the second movie was shown.

We now have a new generation that has discovered the fun of the drive-in theatre, my daughter and her friends went last week and had a blast, now they are hooked.

You might be wondering (like I did ) , how many drive in theatres still exist, and their are actually a few in our area.

In Ionia...Danny Boys Drive-In

Flint..The New U.S. 23 Drive-in (with 3 screens)

Coldwater...The Capri Drive-In

and in Dearborn..The Ford Drive In Theater.

Before the kids head back to school, that could be a super fun night for the entire family.

Roger Kisby