Monday night I was at an amazing workout facility.   This place was not like any gym you have ever been to.  Stilettos & Steel is a fun and really exciting way to reshape your body and also your mind.  There goal is to help you get stronger and in the process love the body that you have.

Yes, they offer Pole Dancing Classes, it is amazing the upper body and core work that goes into this class.   The results are incredible.   The muscle definition on the arms and the firming of the body due to the core workout.

What I loved about meeting members and watching a class, was that the women were just like me.   They were Mom's of all body shapes and sizes, very normal and most drive mini vans to cart their kids around to all their activities.

I kept thinking that there was no way that I would be able to do that kind of workout, ( I have zero upper body strength), but that is what almost every woman says before they start classes and they realize that they CAN do this.

If your bored with traditional workouts you might want to check this out.   It is very fun and supportive environment.

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