I have a Daughter who lives in West Hollywood and she got to meet Ellen Degeneres.  It is such a great story.   Carson,(my Daughter) works for the Container Store in Hollywood, and she was in charge of making bows for their huge gift wrapping station.   Someone from Ellen's show came in and saw her beautiful bows and asked if she could come to the show and put bows on the box's that will sit all over the set for Christmas.  She could not say YES fast enough.

Tuesday she and a co worker went to the Warner Brothers Studio where the Ellen show is taped and were ready to get to work, unfortunately no one could find the box's that they were suppose to work on.   While the hunt for said box's went on, my daughter and her co-worker were waiting in the break room (where Ellen has her ping pong table).  While waiting there, Ellen walked right into the room and over to the girls and could not be sweeter.  It was a moment my daughter will never forget.   A few minutes later, Harry Styles, Yes from One Direction  popped into the room.   They were all pretty speechless.

After waiting there for 5 hours , the Director had them call it a day.  He felt so bad for them, that they waited for nothing they were each given a $50.00 Visa Gift Card.

Today they get to go back, apparently they found the box's.   To say my Daughter is thrilled about this is the understatement of the world.