The recent 'murder' as some call it of a beautiful and much loved Lion  in Zimbabwe is angering people in the United States and all over the world.   Social Media has been hot on this story.

An American Dentist paid  50 thousand dollars to shoot the beautiful creature.  Cecil the Lions was 13 years old he had been wearing a GPS collar as part of an Oxford University research project.  They had been tracking him for years in the Wildlife park.   Cecil was a local favourite and a favourite with tourists.    Word is that the 'guides' hired to help the dentist hunt, dragged an animal carcass behind their truck, basically baiting the lions to leave the wildlife park, where it was illegal to hunt.   Once the lion was out, they shined a light on him and the Dentist shot him with a bow and arrow.  Cecil did not die right away, 40 hours later they tracked him, and the lion was alive so they shot it, skinned him and cut his head off.

This is not hunting.  I am from a family of hunters, this was plain and simple the murder of a beautiful creature of God.  Reports say that this is not the first time the jerk of a Dentist has done something similar, but not to such a beloved creature.

The American who killed the Lion is a Dentist named Walt Palmer from Minnesota,currently in hiding.