General Motors Delta Plant will be shutting down for one month, and that begins this week.    They will prepare for the  launch of the new Buick Enclave and also the Chevy Traverse.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that the plant will close after the second shift on Friday to phase out production of the GMC Acadia and then when it resumes on June 12th it will be without the third shift where more than 600 workers will be laid off.

600 is less than first thought.  Back in March GM said that over one thousand workers would be facing layoffs, but at this point it will only be half that number.  According to GM's Lansing Spokes woman, at this point they are anticipating that about 500 of those laid off could be brought back to work in the first quarter of next year.

UAW local President Bill Reed told the

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LSJ that they are hoping for additional product at the plant, Reed says he feels that a third product would bring back the third shift.