The movie Detroit will be out later this week, and for so many of us it will be a learning experience about what happened in Detroit 50 years ago, and what happened to cause the meltdown in the Motor City.

The riot started on July 23, 1967 at 3:30 in the morning when Detroit Police raided an after-hours club.  That raid would turn out to be what started the violence and destruction that took place 50 years ago.  The National Guard rolled through the streets of Detroit as the City burned , guns were firing, looting and destruction took over parts of the city of Detroit.

During that week of violence many songs were written, here is a list of some of those songs.,

Gordon Lightfoot - Black Day in July 1968

John Lee Hookier - The Motor City is Burning

The Tempatations - Ball of Confusion (That is what the world is today)

Marvin Gaye - What's Happening Brother

David Bowie - Panic in Detroit

Just another reminder, the movie 'Detroit" opens later this week.

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