Commander Scott Kelly just got home, meaning back to earth , after spending 340 days on the Space Station.  Obviously he will undergo lot's of tests, like how zero gravity affects the body.

So, the Commander is away from Tang and Astronaut  type food, and his first meal.....A salad.   If I had been away for 340 days I would have sent a list ahead of time with my eating demands.   A salad would not be on that list, however maybe he wanted something fresh.  I can understand that, but I would like to have those fresh ingredients on a pizza or a hamburger.

When I was an exchange student my first food once back in the good ol' U.S. of A was a Halo Burger.   Believe food never tasted that good!

So if the Commanders first choice was a salad then good for him, my choice would not even have been that healthy.  Potato chips, Olive burger, Taco Bell, Big Johns Steak and Onions,  well you get where I am going with this.   Yes, I would have had food cravings for 340 days!

Welcome home Commander Kelly.

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