The Pontiac Silverdome was finally taken down after two tries.  It was back in 1973 that the ground breaking for the stadium was held.    Construction was completed on time (23 months) and on budget.  Back in 1973 it cost $55.7 million dollars to build.  Contractors used 52,000 cubic yards of concrete and 17 hundred tons of structural steel.  (probably why it took two tries to take it down)

For many of us who grew up in Michigan we probably witnessed some amazing performances there.  Here is a bit of Silverdome history.

The Who played the Silverdomes inaugural concert back in December of 1975

December of 1975 saw Elvis Presley doing his very first New Years Eve show

in 1076 The Billy Graham Crusade was attended by some 70 thousand included

The Rolling Stones played 2 nights in 1981
in 1984 Michael Jackson and the full entourage of The Jacksons preformed three concerts there.

April 1987 brought the Irish Band U2, i was there, an amazing show

Bob Seger in June 1976 ,just two months after releasing "Live Bullet".

I was there for the first time Barry Sanders took to the field, it was pre season and we were all chanting for Barry to take to the field.  When he did it was amazing.

Pope John Paul the second celebrated mass before 90 thousand people at the Silverdome

Here is a fun fact, the largest crown ever to gather at the Silverdome was March 1987 for WrestleMania 3, over 93 thousand in attendance.

Memories I have of the Pontiac Silverdome....

Being sucked in and out of the doors by the air pressure that kept the roof up. The fights in the parking lot before the games,the fights in the stands during the games, and the fights in the parking lot after the games.....

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So farewell to the Silverdome and all those wonderful memories.


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