The 20/20 girls program is an amazing way to reach girls and get them interested in Science and Math. MLive reports that  the program is a partnership of the Information technology center (ITEC) and the Michigan Council of Women in Technolody (MCWT).  It's long been understood that we lose our girls in middle school as far as Science, Technology and Math are concerned.  The 20/20 girls program is an after school experience for at risk girls to interact with other girls and female teachers along with field trips to meet other women in STEM fields. MLive says It allows the girls to try technology
and make some of their wildest ideas come to fruition, building robots and apps, games and more.  I think one of the key aspects is transportation, the program makes sure the girls have a ride home,making it accessible to so many girls that normally wouldn't be able to take part.

*As a side note, when I looked up a picture for this piece on getty images I entered Girls with technology, it showed a picture of girls playing the dance game and it read, "Playing Video games can help you lose weight"  along with  series of pictures of half dressed women who star in video games.  All the more reason we need programs like the 20/20 program

**To be fair, I did find the accompanying photo on

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