The photo gallery above shows the progress of the construction of the Mackinac Bridge from 1954-1957.

People of the Mackinaw/Mackinac area had discussed a bridge to span across the straits of Mackinac ever since 1884; but with delays, snafu's, politics, arguments and neglect, the actual construction didn't begin until decades later in 1954.

The Mackinac Bridge was finally opened to the public on November 1, 1957.

Enjoy the photo gallery's another look at a fascinating piece of Michigan history!

And then, if you have the time, watch the actual documentary (from where these pictures came) that was hosted by Lowell Thomas. It not only shows the bridge construction, but also the endless lines of cars that used to have to wait for the ferry to take them from the lower to the upper peninsula.

Look below and you'll find the video!